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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it' it's november 14th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". newlyweds in a decked out car don't get long to celebrate. >> as they were >> shut up. >> see their encounter with the most unreasonable man in the world. a kayaker is surrounded by sea life. >> some small. some very large. >> why it's the large shark part that's making him a little nervous. you got to give it to him. >> he's dancing like nobody's watching. >> true. one man's quest to explore his
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people are thinking. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including some kids who look like -- but find out why all the suspense really leads to this. if you've ever been married or part of a wedding party, you know that one of your responsibiliti i even on your wedding day, rules are rules. this couple soon found that out, as they were greeted by traffic police. >> shut up. >> was it the fashion police, didn't like the color? >> that's not it at all. check out the car. nice on the top, windows decked out, license plate covered with their name. >> is it the sticker over the license plate? >> has to be. >> problem is on the same day as the wedding the traffic police
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that's because so many people have been caught with fake license plates, so here you see the officers go to the front of the car and start to peel off the covering. >> love, no love! >> you think of that, the officers could cut them a bit of a break, take the covers off the front and back, head off on your merry way. >> please tell me. don't you dare say "but." >> but nothing, they got written here you see right here. all righty. >> look, the cop delivered it with a smile. >> smile on his face. >> the groom is still smiling, they continue their day. i guess if there's any take away, she knows her man is even keel. >> i would have been -- the
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provides so many amazing things to see. first down to the south atlantic where max is in a kayak surrounded by fish. some small, some very large, some with small teeth. some with very large teeth. >> can i just say i told you so? the ocean's trying to kill you. >> here's a little bit more about what's going on here. max and his buddy ralph said the for quite some time when they got closer to this area. look, you can see people up on the other side of the railing and it looks like either they are being fed or somehow there's food in the water, because there's a few splashes right near his kayak. >> yeah, yeah, there is food in the water, it's sitting in the kayak. >> no. >> this is a cool video but it's getting a lot of mixed comments because of what max does here. on multiple occasions you see
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to shoo them away, hitting them with the paddle. why hit the sharks when you can simply paddle away? he says once you show them you're not food, push them away, they learn you're not edible and mellow out. the rest of the kayaking trip was okay. or to another super cool video, this coming from -- >> space? >> what you're looking at are what's commonly known as sea lions and seeing them at the zoo in vienna. you can see the really cool bioluminescent streaks coming off them. >> closer you get, the kind of thing that special effects were designed for some alien mood. >> this
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the -- it's a destination for very experienced skiers in jackson hole, wyoming. >> you mean sky divers? look at that. >> you're supposed to ski down that. >> you're essentially just falling down to the start of the line. >> gratefully. >> hopefully. watch this. the guy looking down upon this run is bill. he is celebrating his birthday. he actually goes by the name of wild bill. for the last 30 years, every single year on his birthday he goes to this location to ski this run. obviously, because he's very challenging, but also an accomplishment for him because he says every year that i come back that i can do this, i stay young. >> okay, watch me. >> >> oh, i feel good!
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starts skiing right through it. >> happy birthday, mate. >> super awesome. i cannot wait for him to get back next year. >> i feel good. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need monday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. bit too much to drink, it can affect your decision making paradigm. here's two beautiful examples, the first from the uk. cctv inside a liquor store. suddenly this guy kien of stumbles in. wearing the hoodie, walks straight in and goes immediately behind the counter, essentially saying give me the cash, give me the money. that's when the good samaritan
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outside just walks right in, yeah, come on, you, out. the guy in the hoodie, paul, has been at a wedding reception and after that had had a binge of cider before walking through this front door. the guy was wasted. after coming outside, the good samaritan follows this guy, called police. eventually the guy tried to hide in the hedge, but the police found him, got him out. of course, after seeing t he actually pled guilty to this and so the judge has sent him down for two years, eight months, to add on to the two years he's already serving for another offense. >> he needs to be there. >> go dry out for a couple of years. >> the next one, this woman right here, trying to steal the bottle of liquor in her right hand. tries to slip it in, again, she also apparently had been on the
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this is where the glorious irony continues. this is where she end up catching herself, because what she does after breaking it, oh, somebody broke a bottle! then they checked the footage, realize she's trying to nip the bottle and they realize it's her. >> walk away. >> trying to scratch your back. a beauty blogger's ready to talk to the camera. >> as you can see, i've got it t >> this is her first video and she wanted to focus on how she covers it up. >> see why the tutorial is really showing how to be comfortable in your own skin. and why grandma robin, plus a couple of relaxation balls, equals a good time. >> mysterious. >> i love she shot this herself, too. brought to you by target. do turkey day on a dime only at target. ant ?
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when your when your skin is feeling
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leaves skin nourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. this is 24-year-old beauty blogger that's been having to deal with something her entire life, a birth mark on her face under all of that makeup. >> welcome to my third youtube video. i've three months. got the courage to finally do my first makeup tutorial. as you can see, i've got a mark on the left side of my face, and i was born with that. >> apparently, this is her first video and she wanted to focus on how she covers it up. >> what i'm going to do is quick and easy. >> obviously, it's a beauty trick she uses, but she also wanted people to know when she
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if i could take a moment, because i know she still looks beautiful. >> she really, really does. >> it's best to do it in layers, as well, not put it all on at once in a big thick coat, because it will look cakey and not nice. >> people will say embrace yourself, but people will see it and think she's been injured, are you okay, people just don't understand. i could see why, yeah, of course you would want it to be covered up. >> she is okay that's part of the reason why she's open about it. >> it's cool, it's completely her in control. also, i'm going to put my makeup on, go out, have a good time. >> wha >> what does this sound like to you? >> like drums. >> it does sound like a drum roll, but that's not what it is.
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>> sounded like the worst drum line in the world. everyone was getting it wrong. i see why now. >> this is the worst thing that could happen meters from home that surround this fireworks warehouse. up in flames. as you can see, the people who are nearby when this thing is erupting have to quickly move back while they are filming. >> why warehouse? >> exactly. and if you're going to build something like that, wouldn't you think they'd build it with the utmost fire prevention standards? >> you think. wait, russia? >> the place you wouldn't want to be is on top of it, but that's where these firefighters were. >> oh! >> fire that fights back. >> boom. yeah. of course. >> oh, my! . oh, wow.
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them and around them, but they stand their ground. >> it's like fighting a fire while being under fire. >> they have the hose. i don't know how effective that one stream of water will be on this place that covers close to 11,000 square feet. here's the thing, no houses surrounding this building were damaged. >> residents are going to celebrate with some fireworks. >> what's left. >> t >> there aren't many people out there that already know if you want to calm down, just grab your ball. >> little ball and they make noise. >> relaxation balls, of course. grandma robin here has herself a couple of balls and she's just -- >> i love this, she shot is herself, too. >> very mystical. you have to dance with your energy. >> throwing the balls all over the place, having a great time. couple of times the ball drops
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up in th up in the kitchen, but no worries, grandma's got it. >> fun to hang out with grandma robin in the '60s. >> get your balls out and throw them all around the place. trust me, you'll feel better. >> there is something to be said about dancing like nobody's watching. >> true. now in this next video, i think they may have wished nobody else was from the chandelier video, but in this case, short dress that i think he found. >> no, no, no. those are shorts. i'm not kidding, he's wearing the basketball shorts like a dress. >> oh, that's right. >> incredible dance moves, i have to be honest. relaxation balls in this video, but took balls to do it.
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people are thinking sometimes. grab an exercise ball, fill it with water, then what? see the stunt next "right this minute". and still to come, jessica's back with some turkey day tips. >> to make your table look beautiful when the in-laws come. >> is this going to go in between. >> see the festive motif you're sure to be thankful for. plus, don't miss friday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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alive with the sound. >> >> love that she's out of breath. >> what she's going to do to make your table look beautiful when the in-laws come. first thing we're going to need is a big pumpkin. the bigger the better to block people you don't want to talk to. >> now that we have those, we need f if they are different sizes and colors and stuff, that's going to look good, too. >> throw squash in if you want to. they come with really cool colors. >> we're going to need six sunflowers, go in between on one side, in between on the other side. take some scissors and cut the ends off more. >> somebody is going to pull on it and mess up your motif you spent not that much time on. >> then we're going to need yellow mums and go on the opposite sides.
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to show us the final motif, we have -- >> jessica! >> i like the apron, by the way. >> thank you, i was inspired by the sound of music, in case you couldn't tell. can you help me? >> most certainly. >> you know what, i think a lonely goat herd would like that. look at all the flowers. >> i know. we actually had some rose mary i gathered from outside. >> looks super well. >> i like it, if somebody gives you a fall bouquet, you could tear it apart and do this. i love the fact you're laying it all out. you can put some leaves in there and make it look nice, too. >> what you're telling me is you could come to my house dean this in five minutes. >> i could. >> excellent, great. >> you could do it, too. if you want to do this at home, it's easy, i promise. go to our website,, click on tv
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complex. i mean, you would never understand, so -- >> oh, we understand. >> okay. >> not a man, amanda. >> a >> all women can do this? >> start crawling on the ceiling now? >> nope. she just puts her arms up on the doorway >> oh, man. can't be good, right? can't be good, amanda. >> i feel like in 40 years this may have, i don't know, doesn't it make you creeky and sore? >> no. >> you would know. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian
12:23 pm and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. >> so let's reveal monday's buzz word. it is -- >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word, fantasy. >> later this week we'll also have a bonus give away where we'll give away an ipad mini as well as a flat screen tv. so stay tuned and good luck. big news. >> brother bear. >> he's excited. >> see why that's not the end of
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>> imagi >> imagine what that would smell like. how are we supposed to resist that? >> add this to your thanksgiving
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we all know mom and dad call family meetings, things are about to get real. xavier there is excited. and they present him with a gift. oh, yeah, brother bear. and he's excited. >> brother bear. >> cyeah, i love bears. bears are great. >> involves a bear hug. >> you're going to be a brother. >> you're going to be a brother. wait, no. >> mommy is going to have two babies. >> he's excited. look at his face. >> he's going to be a big brother and, of course, you ask for one, now he's going to get double for his trouble. >> today? >> no, not today.
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hand -- everybody's excited, they've they've all placed their bids. few for boy, few for girls. now it's time for the reveal. >> y'all ready? it's a girl. >> it's a girl. and the crowd goes wild. gracious winners. that's it, that's all. see you on the next "right this
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it's an all new show today "right this minute." road workers hear faint cries under an icy lake and >> hey, there's a dog out there. >> see the remarkable moment he knows his rescue is near. >> are you ready to get started? >> i am ready. >> her hair is about to go neon with a -- >> glow in the dark style. >> how to not get lost in the crowd ever again. >> yes, yes! >> a wing suit base jumper forgets something critical until -- >> right before they pull the


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